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Lean & Digital Manufacturing Consultant (Operational Excellence & Automation)


Belgium ( > Europe)

Description de fonction

We spend a lot of time with candidates — from undergraduates to MBAs and doctors — and they describe what they want in their ideal job and career in similar ways:
- meaningful work where their skills have impact and make a difference
- a community of people they enjoy and teams that work well together
- to constantly learn, grow and share the most advanced techniques
- Taken together, this describes a career at OMING.

Our values
We believe our success is a direct result of our strong values embedded in our company's culture i.e., excellence, creativity and freedom. 


Our culture is built on a deeply held belief in the drive of each person to reach his/her full potential. We create an environment where all associates are supported to develop their leadership skill in one area. Our Excellence comes from a mix of skill, talent and passion.


OMING is known for our innovative culture as well as our deep understanding of Project Management and Technologies. We have served a variety of market leaders for more than 20 years, providing high-value solutions.


OMING is made of associates self-motivated by the willingness to master an area of expertize: their passion. We built a unique freedom culture for our employees based on a high level of autonomy to develop their passion. Freedom at OMING is the key reason for our rapid growth.

Your growth at OMING
Through concentrated efforts to enhance our culture and practices, OMING has dedicated significant time, resources, and leadership focus to building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We do this by:

- embedding a strength-based development focus in our people processes
- enabling all to “make their own OMING” and pursue personal and professional passions
- inspiring teams to confidently and continuously improve their project experiences and client impact

Join us
We are constantly looking for exceptional young professionals with up to 10 years professional experience, but will also pay caring attention to seniors who would bring unique expertise in the fields of passion.

Your responsibilities

as Project Manager
- Lead project implementations in digital and lean manufacturing
- With clients design strategies, projects and business transformations
- Drive process, organization and cultural changes towards excellence

as Expert
- Share your knowledge in your area of expertise
- Facilitate workshops to design strategies, projects and business transformations
- Drive analyses and projects in your area of expertise

Fonction : Senior Engineer , Lean , AUTOMATION

Compétences :

Secteur : Consulting


  • Belgium ( > Europe)
Profil recherché

The ideal candidate to join OMING gather the following skills:

- Hard skills (design, analyze, solve) & soft skills (coach, team up, communicate)
- “thinker” & “doer”, convincing initiative-taker with ability to drive change
- Capability to synthesize & simplify and to provide detailed back-up material

- Talent and passion for digital and information technologies
- Passion for continuous improvement and lean methodologies
- Flexible to work on various topics with an entrepreneur mindset

- 3-10 years consulting and/or operational management experience
- Proven track record in leadership of projects (planning & organize
- Good expertise of an industry, a functional skill or a technology

- Master degree in Engineering, IT, Mathematics or Physics + Business
- Fluent in English, French and Dutch
- Open to travel and work on projects in our surrounding countries


  • Anglais
  • Aboriginal Dialects
  • Aboriginal Dialects
Information de contact

Matthieu Oliviers
+32 474 513 184

Recruitment in Automation

AutomationJob est spécialisée dans l'industrie 4.0 et en automatisation industrielle.

Spécialités clés

  • Capteurs et actionneurs intelligents (matériel)
    (robots collaboratifs, à auto-apprentissage et autonomes, véhicule guidé automatique, RFID, Internet des Objets, réalité augmentée, réalité virtuelle, internet mobile, caméra)

  • Intégration verticale et horizontale (logiciel)
    (MES, WMS, LIMS, ERP, avec les fournisseurs, les clients, les partenaires et au sein de l'entreprise entre les machines et les systèmes, la plateforme d'expertise à distance, la technologie cloud, la cybersécurité)
  • Gestion des connaissances et conception pour la fabrication
    (Conception 3D de processus de produit, impression 3D, PLM, simulation de flux, apprentissage en ligne, instruction de travail numérique, usine sans papier, automatisation du travail de connaissance, matériaux avancés)
  • Intelligence de fabrication et analyse prédictive
    (Big Data, maintenance prédictive, planification intelligente)
  • Agilité d'agilité et d'excellence opérationnelle
    (gestion de la performance numérique, mobile et visuelle, KPI, organisation rationalisée et automatisée, organisation flexible, comportements de production numérique et allégée, innovation frugale, Just In Time, nouveaux modèles commerciaux)

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