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Tamara Van Marcke

Tamara Van Marcke
Recruitment - HR - Sourcing

Experience and focus on: HR - Recruitment - Sourcing //
Free time: helping my partner with his own company (sociale media en administration)


Sourcing Consultant // Recruiter for the Business Unit Industry (Human Resources)
MULTI (Belgium)
11/2015 - present
- Screening, selection and hiring of engineer profiles and other technical profiles for the business unit Industry;
- Screening, selection and hiring of designer/draftsmen for all business units but specifically for our design- and engineering office (industry, building and maritime)
- Screening: telephone, skype and face to face;
- Individual conversation and conversations together with the technical project managers;
- Take tests and evaluate them with the potential candidate;
- Administration of every candidate and follow up;
- Searching for candidates using our own network, database (OTYS), and other sites like LinkedIn (recruitment seat), Stepstone, Indeed, VDAB, …;
- Write job descriptions and post vacancies online;
- Organize and participate in jobfairs at High Schools and Universities;
- Person of interest for external HR-partners;
- Together with HR Manager: discuss possible enlistments, salary proposals and salary plans
- Collaborate in budget for recruitment, our processes and employer branding
- Co-responsible for LinkedIn and Facebook (social media)
- Report to the operations and sales manager.

Additional courses:
2018: MULTI Launch Programme: Project Management: hard and soft side, Time Management, Conflict Management, How to deal with change, Associate communication throughout collaboration and feedback
6/2018: Seminar: “Screening: How do you do it, tips and tricks, University Gent
12/2017: Coaching Business Attitudes Questionnaire and their interpretation, Hudson
5/2016: Coaching Business Attitudes Questionnaire and their interpretation, Hudson
4/2016: Seminar about Social Media, CMOORE

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