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Stagiaire pour un travail de master (6 mois)

Reference JMDO393

Summary - Désireux d'effectuer un stage de 6 mois en informatique industrielle (C/ C++ appliquée à l'automatisation) comme par exemple l'informatique embarquée

Stages comme mécatronicien

Education Master en Science en mécatronique & automatisation
Haute école spécialisée de Lausanne

Bachelor en microtechnique
Haute école d

Role Ingénieur en informatique industrielle

Skill SolidWorks, Matlab, C / C++, C#

Sector Industrie

Language French (Mother Tongue)
English (Very good)
Spanish (Very good)

Mobility Belgium ( > Europe)

Availability 2018-08-01

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Matthieu Oliviers

Matthieu Oliviers

+32 474 513 184

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Key speciality

  • Smart (Hardware) Sensors & Actuators
    (collaborative, self-learning and autonomous robots, automated guided vehicle, RFID, Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, pick by beam, mobile internet, Camera)

  • Vertical & Horizontal (Software) Integration
    (MES, WMS, LIMS, ERP, integration with suppliers, customers, partners and within the company between machines and systems, remote expertise platform, cloud technology, cybersecurity)
  • Knowledge Management & Design for Manufacturing
    (3D product-process design, 3D printing, PLM, flow simulation, e-learning, digital working instruction, paperless factory, automation of knowledge work, advanced materials)
  • Manufacturing Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
    (Big Data, Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, predictive maintenance, smart scheduling)
  • Agile & Operational Excellence Mindset
    (digital, mobile and visual performance management and KPI, streamlined and automated processed, flexible organization, digital & lean manufacturing behaviors, frugal innovation, Just In Time, new business models)

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