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Flanders Make

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Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry. We focus on industry-driven technological research and innovation together with and to the benefit of SMEs and large companies within the Flemish manufacturing industry.

The focus is on open innovation through excellent research in the field of mechatronics, methods for developing products and the technology to make them.

Our research builds on 4 key competences, all founded on modeling and virtualization:
1. Sensing, monitoring, control and decision making for products and production
2. (Co)design and optimization of products and production
3. Motion product specification, architecture and validation
4. Flexible assembly specification, architecture and validation

This contributes to concrete product and production innovation in the vehicle industry, mechanical engineering and production environments.

The research results can be applied by a wide range of companies across the manufacturing industry, which often face similar technological challenges. Together, they can innovate better and faster.

Flanders Make operates from its 2 sites in Lommel and Leuven and from 10 research facilities at the Flemish universities.

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AutomationJob est une société de recrutement spécialisée dans l'industrie 4.0 telle que l'automatisation, la robotique, les systèmes d'information industrielle, les capteurs intelligents ou l'analyse prédictive.

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