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Create the future of the industry together


Our mission

We help our industrial clients to build the future industry by focusing on their customers enhancing their experience, on their employees empowering them and on partners retributing them correctly.


Who we are

OMING is a industry 4.0 consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments and non governmental organizations to create the future of the industry through digital & lean manufacturing techniques. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. We want to build a firm uniquely equipped to this task.


What we do

Today's rapid evolution and abundance of information requires quick and distinctive results. Still many factories do not leverage the latest digital or lean techniques.

We at OMING decided to devote our experience and expertise to improve tools, behaviors and culture in short periods of time.  We therefore base our work on excellence and agility.

Our client are in the same mood.  They have great idea and want to test them fast.  They are willing to see rapid improvement of their performance.  They need to be distinctive and they require drastic breakthrough.


New at OMING

Thank you for your interest in OMING. For additional information on our digital & lean practices, indutry expertise or consulting services, please visit the appropriate page on our site. To get the latest updates from OMING, subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on social media.